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Hotel development, joint venture and investment opportunity of hotel assets in strategic locations in the UK.

All assets will be branded with a global brand and operator.

The assets can be purchased under franchise or management agreements.

The Pickstock Group will acquire and will develop the sites.

Investors will have the opportunity to invest at an earlier stage to benefit in the finished product pricing.

The Pickstock Group is open to discuss with investment funds a formula to be able to agree to the rollout of these developments throughout the UK.

The initial project is Reading as detailed – additional pipeline projects are in Wrexham, Blackpool, and Swansea.


Founded in the 1980s, Pickstock Group has since grown to become an international property and food processing conglomerate that remains privately owned.

Its yearly turnover exceeds £200 million, and the Group’s now has subsidiaries operating across Europe and the world in property development, house building, construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, investments, and meat and food products.

In terms of hotel developments, the Pickstock Group has in recent years completed various projects ahead of time - both boutique and budget hotels - for InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott St Pancras, Travelodge, Premier Inn, and new hotel chain Bloc using Pickstock’s modular off-site construction solutions.

Pickstock’s prototype hotel room for Holiday Inn Express and requested

by InterContinental was a main attraction at the 2012 International Hotel

Investment Forum (IHIF) in Berlin.


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