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“Sjøstjerna” is located along one of the most visited natural attractions in Norway and in close proximity to Trollstigen and Geirangerfjorden

- Total of 70 000 inhabitants in the area from Molde to Kristiansund

Located between two cruise ship ports


550 000 – 650 000 visitors annually on the Atlantic Road

Base case scenario of 90 000 visitors annually to “Sjøstjerna”

- High case scenario of 110 000 visitors and low case scenario of 70 000 visitors

Around 63% of visitors estimated to visit “Sjøstjerna” from June through

August (high season)



Orca Safari - Orca whale watching and when possible, enter the water and dive with them.

Fishing - Daily fishing trips. Join us to fish cod-fish, pollock, halibut and lots of other fishes.

Diving, kiting, kayaking, fishing, surfing, cycling, mountain hiking.


Main goal of letting the visitors explore the unique underwater environment of the Vevang current

Excellent views of the natural wildlife going through the Vevang current

Deepwater observatory located 12 metres below sea level

7 bridges with a total length of 891 metres connect the series of islands The observatory will be located on the vest side of Strømsholmen, the first island.

Parking area is planned next to the observatory, capacity of approximately 50

Vevang current, which is an ideal and unique place for underwater experiences, is located between Strømsholmen and the mainland


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